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Massages and beauty treatments in Solina

Classic massage
stimulates blood circulation, improves lymphatic circulation, tissue regeneration, improves metabolism, reduces muscle and joint pain, and improves the skin's appearance.
           Full body 180 PLN/50 Min.       Partial  65 PLN/25 Min.

Aromatherapy massage
removes stress, physical and mental fatigue, giving the effect of relaxation. Relaxing body massage performed  with essential oils.
Full body 180 PLN/50 Min.

Chinese cupping massage
models figure in a perfect shape .This is one of the most effective ways to fight cellulite. The result is firmer and smoother skin, reduce cellulite and slimmer silhouette.
Full body 180 PLN/50 Min.       Partial  65 PLN/25 Min.

Warm Stone Massage
treatment combines the effects of both thermotherapy, drainage, acupressure, aromatherapy and Swedish massage. The mood calming effects  the patient in lowering general nervous tension. Richness and strength of the stimulus influence the production of large amounts of enkephalins.
Full body                 180 PLN /50 minutes


Prestige Institute Treatments
Deep Moisturizing and nourishing treatment Hydra Rich:
A revolutionary system for rich moisturizing in all skin types, especially for very dehydrated skin, requiring deep nourishment. It allows to obtain an efficient and long-lasting skin moisturizing effect from   inside. Spectacular results in smoothing wrinkles and intensive firming of the skin.
180 PLN/60 Min.

The treatment Pro-SMOOTH (reduces wrinkles) :
A treatment that has been created  spacially for women, who need immediate and effective anti-wrinkle care. It is based on a unique next generation complex for smoothing , which combats the visible signs of skin aging. Used for the treatment  components Acetyl  5% & Pentapeptide 5%  booster complement the peptide system helping in reducing the depth of wrinkles. Biomimetic tetra peptide DEJ 2.5% increases the production of the necessary components to play the supporting structures of the skin, such as collagen VII, laminin-5 and fibronectin, so the skin becomes more elastic, supple and smooth.
180 PLN/60 Min.

Deep Moisturizing and energizing treatment for active men
Care for every skin type due to fatigue and regular shaving. Induces a strong oxygenation, regeneration and nutrition. Through strong antioxidant effects helps in preventing  skin aging.
180 PLN/60 Min. 


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