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Tourist Attractions in Bieszczady Mountains !

 The perfect piece of paradise & home to  Solinianka Villas & Spa is regularly visited not only by our valued hotel guests but also by rare spices of birds and swans from Northern Europe. There is natural beaver’s habitat nearby and we often see them swimming in our stream. From the nearby forest quite often beautiful, long-legged deers visit us too. 

Attractions nearby:
1.   Nature reserve "At Lake Myczkowieckie"
2.   Beautiful views from Glade Berdo overlooking the lake and nature reserve  "Koziniec".
3. Quarry overlooking the scenic countryside and the beautiful peaks of Bieszczady Mountains.
4.  Solina Dam - hydro power plant, one of the largest Dam in Europe. Sightseeing including 5 m below the bottom of Lake Solina (see
5. Leisure by  the waterfront (water attractions) – Para gliding, hot air balloon excursions,  swimming, tanning by  the waterfront , cruises by "White Fleet", pedal boating, boating, kayaking , Yachting ,aqua zorbing, snorkeling, fishing, windsurfing, scuba diving expedition into the depths of the lake with /without an experienced instructor (see
6.   Nordic Walking by Lake Myczkowieckie - 19 trails.
7.  Leisure walking in Spa Park of the  Polanczyk Spa village with  healing minral water sources.
8.   Eco museum - the "Land of the beavers."
9.  Horseback riding courses for beginners and advanced riders in an equestrian center "Eden" in Myczkowce (see www.myczkowce.org.pl).
10. Cultural Center in Myczkowce (140 mock-ups of old wooden churches, Orthodox churches, Greek Catholic from the area of ​​the south-eastern Polish, Slovak Republic and Ukraine in 1:25 scale).
11. Biblical Garden in Myczkowce.
12. Fishery on Lake Solina and Myczkowieckie.
13. Winter Activities Skiing & snowboarding at Bystre, Cisna, Dwerniczek, Gogołów, Kalnica near Wetlina, Ropienka, Ustrzyki Dolne Gromadzyń, Ustrzyki Dolne Laworta, Lesko Weremień, Karlików, Kiczera etc. Tourist Attractions in the vicinity of Solina:
14. Bieszczdy tours with a guide for groups and individuals (see www.przewodnik-bieszczady.pl)
15.  San valley icon trail , Osława valley icon trail, wooden architectures Trail.
16.   Folk  Museum in Sanok - Skansen (see www.skansen.sanok.pl)
17. Museum of Natural History in Ustrzyki Dolne” Bieszczady National Park “(see www.bdpn.pl)
18.  Eco museum "Three culture" in Lutowisko (see
19. Muczne bison reserve, scenic trails for visitors. Stylish wooden architecture harking back to the old style carpentry by Boyko ethnic group.
20. Archaeological open-air museum "Carpathian Troy" in Trzcinica near.Jasło. Trans Carpathian culture settlement dating  to the period 1650-1350 BC (For more information www.karpackatroja.pl)
21.  Guided Tours for tourists to Ukraine-Lviv, Slovakia & Hungary  (see www.stefantours.pl)

Arlamov, where in early 1982, the chairman of the movement "Solidarity" - Lech Walesa was interned.
23. Medzilaborce, which is known primarily for the modern art gallery, located in the local house of culture & presents original works of famous Andy Warhol and his brothers Paul and James. (Warhol family before emigrating to the United States lived in the nearby village Miková)
24. Winter Activities – Horse  sledge rides, hot wine and honey drinking & dog sled races (see www.wkrainiewilka.eu)
Surroundings of Solina and the Bieszczady Mountains is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. For many years in the waters of the River San fly fishing competitions are organised. Werlas - It is a good place for Spinning out of the boats for predator fishes. Wolkowyja and surroundings - shallow water and one can catch all species of fish found in the region. Zawóz-shallow water, a good place for predator fishes, carp, large roaches and small breams. Chrewt and Olchowiec-beautiful views and a lot of different fishes.
Walking trails for an unforgettable journey in the mountains of Bieszczady such as Tarnica, Połonina Caryńska, Połonina Wetlińska, Halicz, Beech Berdo, Smerek, Little and Great Rawka and many others.


Please contact our concierge to help in booking the above attractions during your stay.

Welcome to Solinianka Ayurveda SPA by the Lake Solina in Bieszczady Mountains !!


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